2013 RDX Exterior Accessories For The Avaricious Adventurer

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All kinds of explorers walk through the doors of the Montgomeryville Acura dealership every single day and this is because we provide a $500 discount, various services and best of all, the 2013 RDX. This Acura from Acura dealers in Philadelphia will certainly not let you down if you are someone who enjoys exploring the wilderness that surrounds us. Getting stuck into the environment around you is important but you need to invest in the appropriate accessories if you are to really make the most of your journey. Consider the following options for the exterior of your RDX which could not only make it look better, but could provide plenty of convenience too.

2013 RDX Front & Rear Splash Guards

Front and rear splash guards from Acura dealers in Philadelphia will make the 2013 RDX look incredibly fierce. There are many advantages to getting these genuine Acura accessories and when you select the polymer-constructed splash guards, you can depend on them to keep your vehicle in shape. Flicks of mud, debris accumulation and stone chips can expose the elements beneath the paintwork on your Acura. If this happens and rainwater seeps into the affected areas, erosion can occur very quickly. Your vehicle will maintain the majority of its value when you fit these onto your RDX.

2013 RDX Various Attachments

The attachments that are on offer from Acura dealers in Philadelphia are so vast that regardless of your lifestyle choices, you can certainly acquire one to suit your 2013 RDX. If your adventures involve surfing, you should consider the surfboard attachment. This can be custom designed and the adjustable paddle straps keep your board securely in place. For the keen cyclist, select the bike attachment, which gives you storage without the need to remove wheels. The kayak attachment is a true adventurer’s dream and this is complete with tie-down straps and flexible saddles. A 6-pair ski attachment and snowboard attachment can also be chosen.


2013 RDX 18” AHS-S10 Alloy Wheels

The wheels you have fitted onto your 2013 RDX will not only make the Acura look better but also, they will be more versatile for traipsing over rocks, sand and mud. The 18-inch AHS-S10 alloy wheels are an option for anyone who is visiting Acura dealers in Philadelphia. These wheels are made with casted aluminum, which is completely enduring. The diamond-cut finish looks very attractive and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System still works perfectly well with these alloy wheels. However, it is worth knowing that when you choose these accessories, you might need to consider larger tires, based on what you currently have.

2013 RDX Trailer Hitch

The mother of all accessories surely has to be the trailer hitch. Towing yourself or somebody else out of a sticky situation is pretty much a sure thing when you go on an adventure. After you visit our Acura dealers in Philadelphia for a coupon, you can see how attractive the trailer hitch looks and also, how well it can perform. When the 2013 RDX is complete with this attachment, the full amount of 1,500-lb can be towed with ease.

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